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Connecting students with information and mentors
Student works with a mentor in the Richmond community center computer lab.


The over 40 years of apartheid education has left significant gaps in the quality of education available to South African youth. Although today’s government is working to reduce the imbalances in education, the apartheid legacy remains. Illiteracy rates currently stand at around 18% for those over 15 years old. Additionally, teachers manage classrooms with limited resources and lack access to improve training and education skills and up to date technology.


HISA is committed to providing opportunities for education at the Richmond Community Center that complement existing resources in the school. We fund after school programs that provide a wide range of educational and recreational programs for youth to grow and excel. We incorporate HISA's fundamental message regarding healthy lifestyles into all the activities that range from arts to sports.

We provide education resources, such as books, DVDs, and computers. We conduct reading programs, sponsor sports tournaments, and conduct programs in the arts.

We work with local leaders and teachers to design activities to engage youth, including developing talent shows, debates, and music recitals.