Empowering citizens to invest in their communities.


Young people have a large stake in creating change within South Africa. Youth involvement facilitates positive social change, including structures, policies and procedures that are demand-driven to address the needs of their communities and countries, now and in the future. Investing in youth leadership not only ensures that the future generation is equipped with competencies necessary for strong leadership, but enhances young people’s understanding of how to be accountable and inspiring leaders.


The hub for our efforts in the Karoo region is the Richmond Community Center. The Community Center serves as a safe space

for community action, sharing, learning, and nourishment.The center houses a soup kitchen, a children's library, recreational facilities, and our health and education offices. From this hub, our dedicated staff orchestrate outreach efforts to the youth in the local community and in the neighboring communities. Our efforts in Richmond and around the Karoo convey community pride and respect for all.

We created a library, media room, computer lab, and training center that engages youth in reading, movies, art, and educational and recreational programs. We built a playground for outside recreation and created new office spaces for HIV and GRS staff.


HISA Leaders  at work at the Richmond Community Center.